Our Company

Oregano is a leading food service distributor supplying wholesale food in Singapore and we take pride in bringing to you a lovely medley of food supplies right from the source.

We believe in dealing with only the original food sources right down from the farms, herb gardens and fishery ports. This keeps our prices highly competitive while maintaining top-notch quality.

From the classics to molecular gastronomy, our food range sets the stage for an absolutely stunning expression of taste, textures and flavours which can only be brought forth by using the best ingredients.

A ship chandler in Singapore that supplies essentially required provision to ships and their crews, we have fresh and frozen provisions, dried and canned foods, dairy products, beverages and more. Trust Oregano to deliver your order at its best and freshest condition. We are committed to service excellence and strive to ensure that you and your crew will have your needs well taken care of during your journey at sea.

Oregano is led by a team of enthusiastic, experienced, hard-working and passionate food lovers. We function as a team and are founded on the idea that a company’s strength is only as powerful as the sum of its parts. We are proud to be made up of individual, multi-segment expertise, creativity, dedication and professionalism.

With over two decades of experience as a 2nd generation family run business in food distribution, what inspires us to this day is one simple question: How can we be better? We maintain that nothing is more crucial in business than communication and dedication to the customer as if each was the only one.

Our team is ready to provide you with the highest quality in food products and services. We look forward to helping you meet the challenges ahead. Call us now at 6264 3488 6264 3488.

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