Quality is more than just a word, it’s the product that we offer.

As one of the leading food distributors in Singapore, Oregano is positioned to exceed your expectations.

We place care in accessing the sustainability of our imports – ensuring that we establish an Eco-friendly business. Working closely with the farmers and fishermen at the front-lines has allowed us to bring a balance of great quality and low-prices to our international clients for more than 20 years, and we are continually striving to streamline our practice.

But our team effort doesn’t end there, because we understand that the way food is handled and transported is also a vital part of our daily operations. Immersing in the science of how different foods react to different temperatures and environments, we have internally developed (customized processes) in the packing, flash freezing, handling and transporting process. This ensures that every order you receive from us is the way it’s intended to be – Fresh and in its best condition.

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